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"Mac OS9 Netscape 4.6 Error"

Posted by Chris Guth [webmaster@thomaslabs.com] on at 09:40 PM
I have a customer using Mac OS 9 and Netscape 4.6 and is unable to order, He is able to add items to the cart and start the checkout process but when he gets to the customer information page his arrow turns into the text entry cursor "I". This has happened to him every month for the last three months and I have to take his order by e-mail or phone. please advise.

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"RE: Mac OS9 Netscape 4.6 Error"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:54 PM
At that point in the order process... the uShop CGI script has control.... and just outputs standard HTML. (So no Java or JavaScript issues would apply).

Based on a similar issue that I heard of once before, however, you could try opening your "ushop-lib.pl" file and setting the "$remember_customer" setting to "NO":

$remember_customer = "NO";

That might help.

"had this problem before upgrading"
Posted by Chris Guth [webmaster@thomaslabs.com] on at 10:17 AM
I will try your suggestion,
but I had this problem before I upgraded to ver. 3.* when you didn't have the feature to remember customer info.