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"403 Forbidden Error"

Posted by Chris Duffy [webworks@pdq.net] on at 00:42 AM
Everything has been working wonderfully since January. But tonight, after trying to get another unrelated cgi script configured properly, my client called to say he could not get into ushop.pl to download orders.

So I checked and it is broken. From the order form the display_cart.html works, but when you hit continue you get the same 403 error.

Any ideas? I called my host's tech support, they say everything is working and my permissions were fine. I reset them to 777 to see if that would work, but no.

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"error fixed"
Posted by chris duffy [webworks@pdq.net] on at 11:06 AM
Never mind. I finally got help from my host. Third tech knew something. LOL. They had to reset permissions for me. Thanks, anyway!