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"udirectory-configuration.txt not working"

Posted by james [jmanning@blaqueimage.com] on at 04:06 PM
I got the script to work, but I haven't gotten past the config. text problem.

I've Tried:
Question 3 =
$html_url = "http://www.myurl.com/cgi-bin/listings/";

Q4 = $html_directory = "www/myurl/cgi-bin/listings/";
Q3 = $html_url= "http://www.myurl/listings/";

Q4 = $html_directory= "../listings/";

chmod is 777 on both directories

and 755 on script

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"RE: udirectory-configuration.txt not working"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:06 AM
Assuming you are using the Deluxe Version of uDirectory....

Q1) What is the exact error message that you are getting?

Q2) Is the error occuring when you try to "Configure Listings" via the uDirectory Control Panel?

Q3) Take a look in your "listings" directory and see if a file called "udirectory-configuration.txt" has been created. (The "udirectory-configuration.txt" file should be created in you "listings" directory after the first time you configure the listings via the control panel.)

Q4) Are you sure that "www/myurl/cgi-bin/listings/" (without the first forward slash) is the correct way to access your "listings" directory? And are you sure you want your "listings" directory within your "cgi-bin"? (Usually the "listings" directory should be created in you main document directory... not within you cgi-bin.)

Let me know the answers to the above questions and then we can determine where to go from there.

"changed the listings"
Posted by james [jmanning@blaqueimage.com] on at 12:33 PM
I changed the listing directory and put in the html folder with the rest of the site directories. I'm not sure if www is the correct way to access the "listings" directory. I will find that out today. I sent you an email last night with the changes. I will call and find out the correct path to the directories and let you know the outcome.

"got it"
Posted by james [jmanning@blaqueimage.com] on at 07:54 PM
I got the script to work. the problem was with my server and the direct path was not correct. thanks for your help.