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"Can't continue to check out"

Posted by Fabian Ferrante [webmaster@ferrauda.com] on at 02:46 AM
At first, please excuse my bad english and my very novice question.I'm trying version 3 in my computer, and I think I have well set the cgi's on the web server, and all the codebase issues.
When I press the uShopOrderButton2 to go to check out, I obtain a blank page and the message "Applet uShopJSI stopped" at the bottom Netscape bar.
Maybe because my problems with english, I think I don't understand well how works the "review-cart" issue.Could you please give me a few tips about?.
many thanks and best regards.

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"RE: Can't continue to check out"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:59 PM
If you give me the URL, I'll check it out.

But in the meantime, here are a couple things to check:

1) If you are not using the default codebase of CODEBASE="../classes/" in your applets, then make sure that you specified the special "codebase" parameter of your uShopOrderApplet, such as:

< param name="codebase" value="YOURNEWCODEBASE" >

(Where YOURNEWCODEBASE is whatever you are using)

And also, make sure that you changed the codebase on the "display_cart.html" page in your classes directory.

2) Or, if you modified the "template_cart.html" page in any way (also located in your classes directory)... make sure you didn't make any HTML syntax errors there... like forgetting the closing < /TABLE > on an HTML TABLE.

Otherwise, give me that URL and I'll take a look at it.