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"Duplicate Order Numbers again"

Posted by ronharter [ron@ronharter.com] on at 09:12 AM
We had another occurence of duplicate orders this weekend. The two orders were placed within minutes of each other. The emails came through ok for both orders but only one order was on the secure server since they both have the same numbers.

I know you said you are working on a fix for the order number process. When do you think this will happen?

We also had another strange thing happen but it may be the fault of our web hosting service. I received several order notification emails but when I went to look at the order in the DATA directory the number and date were their but the file was zero bytes in length.

I placed a test order and it happened to me also. It also happened on both sites that I run. Both are on the same NT server from HostPro and both are running Ushop 3.3. This happened on Saturday and since then the orders are being written OK. Can you shed any light on this problem?


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"RE: Duplicate Order Numbers again"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:58 AM
We have implemented a check to help prevent duplicate order numbers... but haven't released it yet because we are still adding some other features into the next release. I will, however, email you a mod in case you want implement a temporary duplicate order number check.

As for the zero-byte files, what email method are you using on your NT server: Sockets, Blat, or Other?

Also, are you using any built-in payment processing system?

"Duplicate Order Numbers again"
Posted by ronharter [ron@ronharter.com] on at 12:10 PM
Hi Bill,
We are using Sockets for email on the NT server. And we do not use any built-in payment processing system. We hand process the credit cards when the order ships.

I can wait till the release of the upgrade as it rarely happens unless it starts to get worse in the next few days. I think the last time it happened was late last year.


"RE: Duplicate Order Numbers again"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:06 AM
I went ahead and sent you the duplicate file check mods... just in case you want to implement them now. Otherwise, they will be in the next release.

As for the zero byte files, I'm not exactly sure what is happening there....but it may be related to the duplicate order numbers. It's very improbably to get a duplicate order number (approximately 1 in 10 million)... so the fact that it has occurred twice makes me think something strange was occurring on the server at the time.