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"Order Button and JVM"

Posted by David Timmins [timmins@nelsonbay] on at 06:01 AM
To follow up on my last posting 12/09/02 re Order Button Applet greyed out in Win XP..Some observations. I downloaded Sun`s VJM and tested my site offline from the root folder ,yes the Order Button Applet button worked but took for ever to load as did all other applets, you could look into the greyed out windows and read "applet loading" ,then tested site on line (had no previous problems with site online)the same problem all applets were so slow to load and some "ghosting" of some applet buttons occured and the site has ground to a crall as applets load...uninstalled Sun`s VJM ...the next problem is down to Windows I am sure...tried to re install Windows JVM(have it on CD)it installs but will not function ,it was the origional VJM that I installed on XP...as it stands at this time I have no JVM installed.
Regards David Timmins

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"RE: Order Button and JVM"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:26 AM

Continuing with your posting at:


... and regarding the slow performance of the JVM that you describe above, those are not typical problems with the JVM so there may be something else going on with your computer, JVM and/or browser.

"Order Button and XP andJVM"
Posted by David Timmins [timmins2nelsonbay.com] on at 03:12 AM
This may be usefull for any else that runs into this problem .Installed SP1 for XP re installed Sun JVM all problems solved offline, a small issue online but I think it`s a file problem will look into it
Regards David Timmins