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"ushop.pl not found when ordering"

Posted by blevine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 01:37 PM
I am in the process of upgrading from uShop 2.0 to uShop 3.0. Everything seems to be working until I get to the order process. The order page appears, but when I click the continue button, I get the following error:

Not Found

The requested URL /cgi-bin/ushop/ushop.pl was not found on this server.

The ushop.pl file seems to be okay. What is causing this?

My test site is www.animecollectibles.com/ac_index2.html

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"RE: ushop.pl not found when ordering"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:13 PM
I took a look at your site and noticed that upon pressing the "Continue" button, it tries to go to the URL:


That is the URL that you specified as the "script_url" parameter of your uShopOrderButton applet.... and as you can see by just going to that URL:


... you get the same "Not Found" error.

So double-check that URL and make sure that your "script_url" parameter points to the correct location of the script on your server.