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"Applet greyed... Exception error"

Posted by David Timmins [timminsnelsonbay.com] on at 03:59 AM
Iam using XP Pro IE6.01 on new computer(up graded from W2K) Have installed JVM. Problem.. when veiwing my site on line every thing works fine, also viewing site off line (from history folder)works fine,but run site from my root folder (it is the same file structure I ran using W2K) or HTML editor the order applet is greyed out and I get the error message ...Exception:com.ms.security.SecurityEx[uShop Library.read File]:java.io.IOException:bad path:c:\WEB FILES.. I can not read the path as the string is too long to fit on the task bar.Have up dated all files from my web site to local I also upgraded to v3.50 .What am I missing? is this a browser problem?
Regards David Timmins

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"RE: Applet greyed... Exception error"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:07 AM
I take it that you are referring to the uShopOrderButton applet? The uShopOrderButton applet attempts to read a file (the "template_cart.html" file) at startup. For some unknown reason (perhaps directory names with spaces or the computer's PATH setting or ???) some people's IE browsers have trouble with applets reading local files when running off the local computer. It works fine once the classes are put on the server (which is the important part) ... but not on the local computer.

My suggestion is that if you are experiencing that problem with IE when testing the applets locally, just go ahead and use Netscape to do your local tests since that always seems to work. Then once you transfer everything to your server, test it with both IE and Netscape there.

"Order button greyed out"
Posted by David Timmins [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 07:32 PM
Yes it is the uShopOrderButton applet,I understand the work around by using Netscape and that works fine(not a fan of Netscape) but it does not rectify the problem with IE6,is it a bug in IE6 that Microsoft are aware of? Do I need to go back to an earlier version of IE? Is it a software problem you are working on and will soon have a fix for? Is it only a problem with your product?Why will it work online or offline with IE6 But not from the root folder?.I have even moved the folder still no result. Would changing directory names and removing spaces have any effect. Can you shed more light on this please
Regards David Timmins

"RE: Order button greyed out"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:31 AM
No, I do not know the connection with the directory/search path and why the applet cannot read files on your local machine when using IE.

I do know that:

1) (Most Importantly) There is no problem with any IE browsers and the applets that read files when running off of the server (Which really is the important thing).

2) It is only some (not all) computers with IE browsers that have the problem reading files from a local machine.


3) It is not related to a specific version of IE as I've heard reports of the problem from uses of IE 5.x and IE 6.x.

Thus, what I'm thinking is that the problem is related to something like the directory on the local computer, the search paths of IE on the local computer, or possibly a browser (or file) permission thing about reading files on the local computer. Unfortunately, we haven't had any computers here that experience a problem with IE browsers reading files locally... so we haven't been able to research it too much.

But again, the important thing is that it runs Ok when it is online.... and worse comes to worse, you can use Netscape to test that applet on your local computer.

"Order button greyed out"
Posted by David Timmins [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 05:11 PM
Thank you again for you prompt followup and support. Will go with your suggestion in the mean time will try to persue the problem ,it is interesting you say it can occur on some machines and not others...Maby I will try a re install of the OS..Mmmmm Will let you know how it goes.
P/S If any other readers of this forum have had similar problems they may like to contact me at timmins@nelsonbay.com
Regards David Timmins