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"Just a Moment... and nothing happens"

Posted by Schwab Ralf [nodar@mail.augustanet.de] on at 11:28 AM

ushop 3.3 works verry fine, but sometimes we
get a telephone call of a customer, who tell
us that he cannot place an order.
What happens is that he clicks on the
START ORDER image (uShopOrderButton.class) and then he recieves the message: Just a Moment...
and the review cart page does not appear (nothing
Most of our customers have no problems to
place an order, but sometimes we have the above
On what can this depend ? Browser Version,
Operating System ?

thanks for help
with best regards

schwab ralf

Ps. We know the problem only on our german site,
on the international Version we have had until
now no problems like this.

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"RE: Just a Moment... and nothing happens"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:20 PM
If the rest of the shopping experience is working ok ... but they are just getting stalled on the "Please wait... " page, then the problem may be that the browser they are using does not support JavaScript. (The shopping cart page that normally replaces the "Please wait... " page is dynamically displayed by a JavaScript)