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"ERROR: Index out of Bounds"

Posted by Winston [broker@sbcglobal.net] on at 12:55 PM
I am running XP with Dreamweaver MX. I noticed that when you try to input an applet (ushopCart2.class) by using the applet button in Dreamweaver MX. I have noticved the followng: When you input the (ushopCart2) with the applet button in the Object panel of Dreamweaver MX the browser gives the following error: "Exception: java.lang. string Index out of Bounds: Exception string index out of range). But if I go into the code and manually input the code it shows up fine. Go figure. And, yes the codebase was inputted properly and yes I can see the demo file on my computer. Thanks!

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"RE: ERROR: Index out of Bounds"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:09 AM
Any "Index out of bounds" error indicates that you have an error in your applet parameters... most likely due to an extra comma in an "option" parameter or an extra semicolon in a "product_list" parameter. So double-check your applet parameters and if you still don't spot the problem, give me the URL with the input applet and I will take a look at it for you.