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"Answer Sheet Question?"

Posted by Dave Parker [dparker@archery-info.com] on at 11:36 AM
Howdy again, I was just wondering, I am doing a test and using the answer applet #2 in all the questions, it is a 15 question test, any way when I make a template for the answers .txt page, is there anyway to display more than yes or no on the answer sheet, I would like it to display IE:
Yes, Grizzly, No, Black Bear etc.

I have added the extra text in the txt document, but it still only displays the word Yes or No with out the extra text.

Thanks for you help.

Dave Parker


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"RE: Answer Sheet Question?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:27 AM
If you want to continue using the uTestAnswer2 applet, then you can change the labels... and the lables that get displayed on the answer sheet... via the "yes_label" and "no_label" parameters. So maybe try adding these parameters to your applets:

< PARAM NAME="yes_label" VALUE="Yes, Grizzly" >
< PARAM NAME="no_label" VALUE="No, Black Bear" >

NOTE: You may have to also increase the WIDTH of the applet in order to account for the longer labels.