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"Overall Administrator "

Posted by Andy Cunnah [andy.cunnah@north-wales.police.uk] on at 06:38 AM
We would like to implement this system to enable users to book conference rooms for their use.

When these rooms are booked it is sometimes necessary to override the booking so that an emergency meeting can take place therefore overriding their booking.

We would like a 'super user' to be able to delete or override the bookings which have been placed.

Is this possible?

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"RE: Overall Administrator"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:26 PM
At this time, the only "super user" is the uReserve administrator. That is, the uReserve Administrator can use his password (the $login_password configured in configuration question #10) to override (modify/delete) any reservation.

So for those "Emergency Overrides"... the user could email the uReserve administrator... or notify anyone who knows that master $login_password.

"Overall Administrator "
Posted by Andy Cunnah [andy.cunnah@north-wales.police.uk] on at 03:38 AM
Thanks Bill,

That was the answer I was looking for.

Should have tested that really.