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"uShopOrderCGI not found (version 2.0)"

Posted by Ken Bravin [kgbvegas@lvcm.com] on at 04:29 AM
Order template doesn't display the uShopOrderCGI.class.

Can you please help? I know the class file is there and when I run the perl file (http://www.collectorsgalleryvegas.com/cgi-bin/ushop_cgiscript.pl) I get the copyright screen. HELP

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"RE: uShopOrderCGI not found (version 2.0)"
Posted by Bill WEiner on at 06:56 AM
I took a look at your "order.html" page and noticed the following error in the Java Console/Status Bar:

error: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal constant pool type

Any "Illegal constant pool type" errors are usually caused by transferring one or more of the class files to your server in ASCII transfer mode instead of BINARY transfer mode. So try re-transferring all of your class files to your server again... and be sure to transfer them in BINARY (or RAW) transfer mode.

(More information can be found in item 4.7 on the following uShop 2.x troubleshooting page: http://www.uburst.com/uShop/reference2/troubleshooting.html#GEN6 )