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"Select and Multiple Select Options Failure - extra_field1"

Posted by James [mail@hamptonplace.com] on at 01:52 PM
Hi Bill,
I am still unable to get the cart to process select or multiple select options with the "extra_fieldX" values. I really need to have the ability for the select options to work with these fields. The cart stalls when submission is made prior to customer info and cart review.

Is there a special tag needed to be included with/near the select option code to post, ie: USHOP TAX MENU ?

Thanks once again,

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"RE: Select and Multiple Select Options Failure - extra_field1"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:42 PM
No, any new < SELECT > that you add for the "extra_field" values do not need any special tags. They should be working as long as you have the appropriate closing < /SELECT > syntax.

The only problem I have ever heard with one of them was someone having a problem when using parentheses () somewhere within the SELECT. I'm not sure why, but once they removed them... it started working fine.

So double check that... and if that still doesn't resolve the problem, give me a URL of where I can see the template you are using... or just email it to us and I will take a look at it.

"select options fix"
Posted by James [mail@hamptonplace.com] on at 06:10 PM
Hi Bill,
I think I found out what causes the stall. The closing tag I was using was lower case - /select, when I uppercase it works fine - /SELECT, lowercase stalls everytime. Also the ability to have multiple selects would be great, or more extra_field(s).

Thanks again, great cart,