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"uShopJSIBeanInfo.class does not exist"

Posted by Gary Marshall [gary@akos.net] on at 10:19 AM
I am experiencing browser crashes, sometimes
with a blue screen of death. Thease uasually happen after returning from the payment gateway. Looking thru the server logs I see all sorts of

File does not exist: ..../classes/uShopJSIBeanInfo.class

error messages. Not sure if these are related.

This is ushop 3.3 running at
I am using IE5 on win98se. Client is also
using IE5 on win98.

The payment gateway may or maynot be in debug
mode if you try this. Orders are authorize only.

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"RE: uShopJSIBeanInfo.class does not exist"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:33 PM
See the following forum discussion concerning any missing "BeanInfo" messages in your website's log files:


Those messages will be unrelated to any problems you are having with your browser.