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"uShop Lite "sendmail" simply does NOT work!"

Posted by Drew [cafugate@tropical-media.com] on at 02:33 PM
I'm pulling my hair out over this...and I'm about to throw in the towell on this program!

I love the look and operation of uShop...but the email notification simply does NOT work! Orders are placed with no problem, and a "Thank You" page is created. Orders are being written to my "orders" directory, and I can access them online via the Order Reader. But neither I or my customers are getting email notification. I've tried everything possible, all to no avail. I've read the Troubleshooting text over and over, and I've tried every suggested fix. It just doesn't work!

I'm running on a UNIX server, and I have checked and double-checked the path to "sendmail". Have you ever had a situation where the program just won't work on a particular server? I'm using the Lite version...but there's no way I'm going to buy the full version if I can't even get the freebie version to work.

HELP!! I'm close to pulling the trigger!

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"RE: uShop Lite "sendmail" simply does NOT work!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 03:59 PM
Now, your server is the one that does not actually have "sendmail", correct? Instead you are trying to use "qmail"?


Well, to get "qmail" to work instead of "sendmail", I know that some people have just been able to specify the path to "qmail" instead of sendmail... but there's no guarantee there. If just specifying the path to "qmail" instead of "sendmail" is not working, then I would suggest:

1) Scenerio 2 - OPTION 1 at:


...just in case.

2) And if that doesn't work, Scenerio 2 - OPTION 2 also at:


....which uses sockets instead of "sendmail" or "qmail".

3) And finally, if those still don't work, then it may pay to try using a different email address entirely. That is, some servers are setup not to send email outside of their domain... for spamming reasons.... so you might want to check that.

"It Worked!!!"
Posted by Drewski on at 05:31 PM

It works! All I had to do was remove the "n" from the cgiscript as you suggested. Seconds later...I got an email...sent to both ME and the bogus cutomer that placed the order. Put this one in your tech notes for future use. If I would have known this days ago, I'd have a lot fewer grey hairs!