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"Orders from a CD"

Posted by Russ Gathercole [ushop@littlemill.co.uk] on at 08:41 AM
I have a problem with the transfer of the data in the cart to the order email.
Running from CD, I have a Sample Basket page where the contents of the basket are displayed. Below this is the ushopOrderbuttonCGI.class, which links to the form for contact details.
As I wanted the button only to appear if a dial-up connection was available, I set the codebase of the Order button to an external site. Trouble is, although the process works, no items are added to the contact details in the Order email, it just says the cart is empty.
One fix is to change the codebase to that of the CD rather than the internet, the button would appear to non-dial up users, but sadly this cannot be done as the CD's have been burnt.
Any thoughts?
Russ G

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"RE: Orders from a CD"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:20 PM
Hmmmm... Unfortunately, that is going to be a problem...because there is really not much that can be done about that. The codebase of your order button applet really needs to be the same as all of your other applets in order for the data to be maintained properly. If the CD-ROMs were not already burnt yet... we may have been able to setup a similar effect...where the uShop 2.x order image button would not be displayed unless the customer has a connection to the internet... But now we’re really kind of limited. The only way I could think of to partially salvage your burnt CD-ROM’s would be modify and/or create a new uShop 2.x order button applet that you can put on your server... and which will display some additional ordering instructions. Either that or modify your ushop_cgiscript to display some additional ordering instructions once the button is pressed. So let me know if I can help you there. But in any case, I don't there will be anything we can do about getting the shopping cart data transferred to your server.