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"Display_cart displays nothing"

Posted by Ken Bravin [kgbvegas@lvcm.com] on at 09:56 PM
I have all my codebases the same, I checked all previous postings and everything is correct as far as I can see. Here is the applet line in display_cart.html

applet code="uShopJSI.class" codebase="../classes/" name="uShopJSI" width="2" height="2"

My site starts at http://www.collectorsgalleryvegas.com/test.html

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"RE: Display_cart displays nothing"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:15 AM
I took a look at your site and noticed in the Java Console that you are getting the following error message:

"uShop Message: Error reading template_cart.html"

This message indicates that the template for that shopping cart page ("template_cart.html") could not be read from your "classes" directory.

Furthermore, I see that going to the URL of that file in your classes directory:


...results in a "File Not Found" message.

So it looks like the problem is just that the "template_cart.html" file is not located in your "classes" directory.