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"Applet works on server - not locally"

Posted by Clark [clark@freshwebproduce.com] on at 06:44 PM
I have one applet that is not working on my local machine (out of many that ARE working great). It is the uShopOrderButton.class. The image is in the /classes directory and the applet works great on the web server... but not on my machine. On the web it's at:

Looks good there. On my machine it's a gray box that does nothing. Ideas?


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"RE: Applet works on server - not locally"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:58 PM
The difference between the uShopOrderButton applet and other applets... is that the uShopOrderButton applet attempts to read a file (the "template_cart.html" file) at startup. For some unknown reason (perhaps directory names with spaces or the computer's PATH setting or ???) some people's IE browsers have trouble with applets reading local files when running off the local computer. It works fine once the classes are put on the server (which is the important part) ... but not on the local computer.

My suggestion is that if you are experiencing that problem with IE when testing the applets locally, just go ahead and use Netscape to do your local tests since that always seems to work. Then once you transfer everything to your server, test it with both IE and Netscape there.