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"Subtotals in cart"

Posted by nicholaskay [nicholaskay@thechinashop.co.uk] on at 12:45 PM
I notice that the values in the subtotal don't line up with the values on the individual lines. Is this something I've done wrong, or do I need to request a "fix"???

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"RE: Subtotals in cart"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:53 PM
Where are you referring to?

Posted by nicholaskay [nicholaskay@thechinashop.co.uk] on at 02:05 PM
Hi Bill

In the displays generated by uShopCart1 and uShopCart2, the decimal point in the sub-totals doesn't align with the decimal point in the individual lines - or at least it doesn't if (eg) the product lines are 99.99 and the total is 999.99

"RE: Explanation"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:23 AM
We decided to left align the price fields in those uShopCart applets.... so that the currency symbols line up. (Partly for looks and partly because it made it more easy to handle large prices).

Posted by nicholaskay [nicholaskay@thechinashop.co.uk] on at 02:46 AM
Is this customary for alignment in the States? More widely used in UK is align by DP

"alignment by decimal point"
Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 01:13 PM
I cast my two votes for alignment by decimal point. Both of my customers have asked me about this and would prefer it right justified.

Maybe that could happen in the next update?

Ron Harter

"RE: alignment by decimal point"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 03:54 PM
Picky...picky...picky.... :^)

What didn't look good is when the currency symbols were shifted to the right to make the decimal line up.... It looked much better to keep the currency symbols left aligned with the start of the PRICE column.... just like the other columns (ID, NAME, etc.).

I suppose additional spaces could be calculated/added between the currency symbol and the start of the amount...but combining that additional logic with the logic of first looking throught the list to find the largest actual amount/number of digits needed - it may not be worth it. But we'll see....