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"Applet displaying incorrectly"

Posted by Robert Brassell [bob27s@hotmail.com] on at 01:10 PM
Hi folks,

I am just beginning the integration of UShop into my web site. Before diving in head first, I am testing a few things and setting up templates after I am sure each item works properly.

Trying to use uShopInput17.class has proven to be a challenge. I have it set up to display a list of similar versions of a part.

When viewed in Netscape, the Description pull down is about twice as big as it is suppose to be, cutting off part of it. The result also pushed the ADD button out of view. This is tested with Netscape 4.5 .

In IE 5.02, the problem occurs "some times". If you refresh a few times, it will go from looking relatively correct, to that huge description box problem that netscape displays.

Any suggestions?? Any help with this would be appreciated

take a look

Right now, it only has the one line item for testing. All of the remaining parts on the page will be built with the same selections.

Bob Brassell

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"RE: Applet displaying incorrectly"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:12 AM
I took a look at your test page and I believe the problem has to do with your table cell WIDTHs. That is, whenever you put an applet in an HTML table, it is really recommended that you explicitly specify the WIDTH of that table cell. Otherwise, some versions of IE could have such table resizing issues as you are describing.

Also, from looking at your test page, it looks like you need to increase the overall WIDTH of the applet itself in order to keep it from getting cut off in it's table cell.

So here are the changes I would recommend:

CHANGE #1: Change the WIDTH of your applet from WIDTH="490" to WIDTH="570"

CHANGE #2: Specify a WIDTH for the actual table cell that your applet is in:

CHANGE #3: In the first line of your TABLE, totally remove the WIDTH="650" setting. This will allow the table to grow with the changes described above.

So try that out and that should resolve the problem.

"tables revised.."
Posted by Bob on at 10:18 AM

I will try that.

I experimented a bit last night and I ---sorta--- have it working. Oddly enough, things work just perfectly in netscape. But IE still resizes the description boxes, smaller, every so often on page load.

It might be nice, in a future applet version, to have the selection box size a user-defined size so it can not change with text content or cell size.

Thanks for your help