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"Ushop and BizRate"

Posted by brgreene [brgreene@shelby.net] on at 07:49 PM
We would like to sign up for BizRate at www.bizrate.com. One of the requirements is adding 6 lines of html to the customers receipt form. How can we do this in Ushop?

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"ushop and bizRate"
Posted by Charlie Edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 09:10 PM

If you look at the following doc:


It describes the difference between the full version and Lite version of uShop. The full version allows you to specify any text you like at the bottom of the receipt. Check out this information and see if it fits your needs.

Charlie Edmunds
Project Manager
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

"bizrate.com Support"
Posted by brgreene [brgreene@shelby.net] on at 11:24 PM
Can a http link be added to this page.