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"No comfirmation"

Posted by John [john@hypersportworks.com] on at 09:49 AM
When an order is placed, uShop does not check with authnet for verification on whether the card is valid or not. If a customer orders something from my site, and types in "bite me" in the authnet payment form field as the credit card number, uShop will still tell him the order has been approved. I then get an order notification and the customer gets a receipt.
If the card has expired, I still get the notification.
Ushop never checks to make sure the transaction was approved.

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"No Confirmation"
Posted by Charlie Edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 07:11 PM
Hi John,

This situation is likely caused by one or both of the following reasons. The first is that you may be in "Test" mode. The "x_Test_Request" variable (Item 19) in the uShop_authorized_30.pl script should be set to "False". By default it is set to "True" which will cause the situation you describe.

If you have a beta or pre-release version uShop/Auth net you will always recieve a transaction receipt which says "order has been placed". This has been changed in the released version and you will receive an error message (in the case of non-successful transaction). If you don't have the newest version, please download it (using your present license).

If you try these suggestions are still having the problem you describe, please e-mail me directly at cedmunds@uburst.com

Charlie Edmunds
Project Manager,
Microburst Technologies, Inc.