Tuesday September 30, 2014

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Resource Schedule For Tuesday 09/30/2014
(Last Updated: 09/30/2014)

 Tuesday, 09/30/2014
Infocus Mini Projector 3          Reserved           
Infocus Mini Projector 4         Reserved               
Proxima Projector 5                            
Infocus Mini Projector 6                            
Infocus Mini Projector 7                Reserved    
Infocus Mini Projector 8          Reserved           
Infocus Mini Projector 9                            
Infocus Projector 10 Reserved                    
Epson Powerlite projector 12                            
Windows Laptop 1  Reserved 
Windows Laptop 2 (NO SOUND)          Reserved               
Windows Laptop 3              Reserved      
Windows Laptop 4 Reserved                    
Windows Laptop 5          Reserved           
Windows Laptop 6              Reserved    
Windows Laptop 7          Reserved           
Windows Laptop 8 Reserved                    
Windows Laptop 9 Reserved             Reserved 
Windows Laptop 10    Reserved            
Windows Laptop 11               ReservedReserved 
Windows Laptop 12 Reserved 
MacBook Pro Laptop 1                            
Mac Book Laptop 2                            
Portable DVD Player 1                            
Portable DVD Player 2                            
Overhead Projector 1                            
Overhead Projector 2                            
Laptop Audio Speakers 1                            
Laptop Audio Speakers 2                            
Laptop Audio Speakers 3               Reserved 
Laptop Audio Speakers 4                            
ELMO Document Camera                            
Apple iPad                            
USB Camera 1                            
USB Camera or Microphone 2                            
Anker Wireless Keyboard                            
*Only single item requests for a single day time period can be requested online. For a multiple day request please call Allen Smith at 201-200-2351. To reserve item(s) for a single day, click on the resource's name and complete the requested information and click 'Reserve'. Refresh your Browser and the request box for that piece of equipment will have a pink colored background, which indicates the item is reserved. Failure to adhere to the policies and procedures explained at http://www.njcu.edu/ac/loaners.htm two or more times will result in a suspension of borrowing privileges.